ABS Environmental Testing Specialist

In order to achieve the ABS Environmental Testing Specialist certification, Hab-CerT, LLC provided ABS documentation of our ISO 9000 compliant Quality Assurance Plan, our testing and reporting procedures and provided a practical demonstration of our equipment and testing capabilities. As such, Hab-CerT, LLC is certified to provide testing as an Environmental Testing Specialist to the following ABS Standards:

ABS Publication 102:
Guide for Crew Habitability on Ships - July 2012

ABS Publication 105:
Guide for Crew Habitability on Offshore Installations – September 2012

ABS Publication 163:
Guide for Crew Habitability on Workboats – February 2012

ABS Publication 190:
Guide for Crew Habitability on Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs) – Sept 2012

ABS Publication 103:
Guide for Passenger Comfort on Ships December 2001

ABS Publication 162:
Guide for Passenger Comfort on Yachts – December 2008

ABS Publication 166:
Guide for Compliance with the ILO MLC, 2006 Title 3 Requirements


Edward J. Downey, P.E. - Manager
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John R. Klein - Analyst
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Chris M. Newsome – Analyst
(504) 818-0377 Ext 19



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